Qualicus Bloodspiller

Ork Tae York. The Would-Be Vampire Hunter of Noble Lineage.


Where does your character come from, what is her lineage, who were her parents, and what did she inherit from them?

Qualicus Bloodspiller comes from Northern Iowa, in a barely tolerated regional fiefdom know to outsiders as the Moores Lake LARPerdom. But to the people who live and die in this committed LARPing community, the place is known only as Irongate. His parents, Lisa and Goatripper Bloodspiller, are 3rd Dukes to King Himshalloe Oeblion, who has ruled Irongate for many a 16th year (16 years is a standard time period in the Moores Lake LARPerdom. It’s know in the community as a Frockting, named after the regional government official who finally, after 16 years of petition, gave the township official recognition. [usage: Aye, tees a fwine baybay, and t’whill be reddy to frought the Drago’ Whorswhipper intea Frockting.]). Goatripper was born inside of the Moores Lake LARPerdom, while his wife, Lisa, was not. Qaulicus has gained much of his parents’ sense of wonder and fascination with Fantastic Literature, and has also garnered the LARPing complete lack of shame that one feels when yelling out “Flame spout” when simultaneously using an underbarrel-mounted flame thrower.

Assuming they could speak, what would each of your character’s parents say about her?

“Aye, tae baybay Qualicus. Aye, more ‘tan a Frockling ago wee brought ure little ‘ed intotae whirld. Aye, an’ t’was a good lad as a boylink, now… [tears] Aye, now to ‘ave cometae be such der proud of ter moter ‘an EE. Ork tae make tae Drago’s creee. Ork tae in tae dorkness bind ‘em eee. Ork tae York. Aye, Ork… tae York. [tears]” (York is a common slang word in the Moores Lake LARPerdom meaning good, or awesome. The way they pronounce things, it rhymes with work, pork, and fork, considered the only three things necessary to make a person happy in life. [usage: Aye, work tae York! Aye, PORK tae York! AYE, FORK TAE YORK!”].).

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Qualicus Bloodspiller

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